VN Progress: Week 2

I’m going to make this short. Unfortunately, not much was accomplished this week. I made a couple of good plot connections on the story, but that’s basically it. I had several days of just being too busy to get on the computer, and then pinched a nerve in my shoulder and had to keep my arm in a sling for most of the weekend. In the interest of being able to function at my job on Monday, I decided to just take it easy on computer stuff and let my arm relax and recover. (And no video games, either.)

Usually I think best with my fingers on a keyboard, but in times like this it would behoove me to keep my story document close by so I can have my brain problem solving in the background at times I’m not actively working on it. I suppose I should upload the outline file to my Google Docs so I can check my notes on my phone.

Also notable is that, as with most things, when I have been NOT working on something for X amount of time, I tend to lose interest in it pretty quickly. I met some new neighbors at church today and was telling them about my work, and I felt kind of guilty talking about my VN like it’s a big deal when I’ve hardly touched it this week. (I have a guilty conscience that way.) It reminded me that I need to be careful to keep my momentum going if I hope to really accomplish things with my art.

The next step: finish the rough plot outline, and then split up the plot into chapters.

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