VN Progress: Week 5

Not much to report this week, just some more of the writing and a few brainstorm sketches. Here are the princess’s lady’s maid and couple possibles of the princess. Nothing super serious. I was going to do some color tests regarding the PC customization I talked about last week, but didn’t get around to it. Until I settle on a design for her, color is a bit premature anyway.


Oh yeah, I spent some time on the Lemma Soft forums this week, poking around about that customization thing.. It looks like I could allow the player to customize herself as the character, but I don’t plan to show her during regular conversation and whatnot, just in CGs. So no luck there yet – we’ll see. Those forums are like Wikipedia or TV Tropes – way too easy to get lost in; gotta keep myself on a tight rein or the scope of this game will blow up and I’ll never get it done.

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