VN Progress: Update 6

Hey friends, sorry it’s been a while. Haven’t been doing much on the VN lately. Sticking with a long project is hard. (That’s why I’m trying to post all this.) But still.. it’s hard!

I did have a great writing session earlier this week, which felt really good after being stuck for a couple weeks. Part of it was being busy, and then being tired from being so busy, and part of it was being stuck with the story. I was at the point in the story where I had to present the premise and get the main character to go with it – that is, arranged marriage for political purposes – and I just could not couch it in a way that didn’t sound unreasonable and unacceptable. Eventually it occurred to me that I was trying too hard to make it feel acceptable to a modern woman, rather than a woman from the medieval-ish era where it was completely appropriate and expected. I realized that a princess would grow up knowing it was her duty to someday marry for the state, and that if I wrote it in terms of the responsibility to her station, and obedience to that request a matter of honor to her king, then a modern reader probably wouldn’t have a problem with it.

There was another thing I worked out in the writing, regarding politics. I was troubled by thoughts of succession, wondering what would happen to the kingdom if the king sent his child out to marry another head of state. I’d kind of assumed that she was next in line to the throne, but that makes the arranged marriage premise rather unwise. Also, really irresponsible for all parties in basically all the romance storylines. Some of them are really… just.. not appropriate royal consort candidates. So now the princess has a brother, who is the crown prince, and this allows for her to be married off for political gain without worrying about succession.

I know this all probably sounds like no-brainer stuff, but hey – I’m making this all up out of nothing, and there’s lots of complicated aspects I’m trying to juggle and piece together as I go. So, yeah. Writing is hard.

Well, I’m trying to dedicate a block of time each day to sitting at my computer and forcing myself to stare at the screen work on it, but some days I don’t get a chance. Other obligations are important too, and I can’t beat myself up about that. Hopefully it’ll go better this week than it’s been lately.

Here’s a fun excerpt for you.
KING: As your father, I would have preferred to see you wed a man of your preference, who treasures your charms and your wit. I would have you draped in silks and lace and precious gems, and surrounded by all who love you, not slinking away in the night like an exile. For that I am sorry. You are not a coin I spend lightly.

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