Sketch Challenge “The Hobbit”

A 90-minute sketch challenge from class last week. The topic was “The Hobbit.” I wanted it to be a sort of collage image, with the background being all sketchy, but towards the end I tried to pull some darker lines into the background to match the foreground, and that sort of killed it. Inked with my Kuretake brush pen and a bit of Hi-Tec C.


Draw a Centaur Day

It was “Draw a Centaur Day” on Tumblr, so I thought I’d play. This is Chester, from the old Sega Genesis game “Shining Force II,” which I played many, many years ago. I thought Chester was really cool (probably the green hair), and at one point I named a pet goldfish after him.



Sketch Challenge “Sailor Moon”

Here’s a 90-minute timed sketch challenge from SEQA club (The Temple of Cartoon Mojo) this past week. We draw whatever topic is pulled out of the jar that week. I wasn’t planning on participating, since I had a lot of homework to do, but since Sailor Moon (this week’s topic) was such a pivotal part of my young artist days that I decided I had to contribute something.

sailormoon-sm90 minutes. Kuretake brush pen over mechanical pencil.

New site!

Hi folks! Don’t freak out that my old site is gone, and Muse is nowhere to be found. I’m overhauling the website, so everything’s under construction for the time being. It’ll all be back up soon. 🙂