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Animated GIFs

I had to do a tutorial in my Digital Illustration class on how to make an animated GIF in Photoshop. Here’s what I made with the “make frames from layers” function.

I made the horse galloping using the frames from Edweard Muybridge’s “The Horse in Motion.”

gallop-foreverThis butterfly I drew. (Morphos are my favorite. They’re so shiny!)


Ajax & Achilles

Here are the pages from my Inking class final. It’s a mini-comic I call “Ajax & Achilles,” featuring an as-yet-unintroduced character from “Muse.” (Spoilers. Sorry.) There was supposed to be dialogue, but I ran out of time for class purposes, and frankly, it reads just fine without. So that’s what you get! It’s been inked in Manga Studio 5.